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My name is Peter McLeod. I'm always excited to meet a new dog, cat, lizard, or other loved little-creature.

I love making beautiful pet portraits - that's why my photography is focused solely on our four-legged friends. Be assured I have the experience to make your session a success. Prior to creating Woof Purr & Smile I was the Melbourne photographer for one of the earliest and top pet photography companies in Australia - Wet Nose Fotos. With Wet Nose having moved overseas I'm proud to continue to provide quality pet photography in Melbourne.

The goals of each Woof Purr & Smile session are to:

  • Capture the special moments where your pets are relaxed and having fun in great natural locations!
  • Share these moments with everyone who loves your pets. I want you, your family, and your friends to be excited when they walk past a beautiful image hanging on your wall, or when flicking though an amazing album of our session!
  • For us humans to have fun - each pet has its own personality and I will guide the session to make it a happy experience for both animals and people. We won't be stressing if they don't do exactly as we expect!

Woof Purr & Smile operates in Melbourne Australia - food and doggie capital of the World!

What people are saying about Woof Purr & Smile ...

"The photos are fantastic! What a great job you did with the heat and the active doggies." ~ Carly Macmeikan.
"Thanks. Great photos Pete!" ~ Anne Russel.
"Pete. Thank you so much for your collaboration and talent, I've really enjoyed working with you!" ~ Shannon Benson {Plummer}  Director, Wet Nose Fotos Pet Photography.

Getting in Contact

Please note that I'm not currently taking bookings for Pet Photography.

However I'd love to hear from you so please feel free to use this form to contact me. 

Best Wishes ~ Pete

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PO BOX 155. Mentone, 3194

T 0409 977 370
E info@woofpurrsmile.com