Woof Purr & Smile specialise in showing your pets as loving, bold, and joyful friends


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I'm not currently taking bookings for Pet Photography - however if you'd like to get in contact please click on the About & Contact page

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Fun-filled Sessions

Welcome to Woof Purr & Smile Pet Photography. We're located in Melbourne Australia.

Our fun sessions are held at locations where your pets will be happy to express their personality - a favourite park, beach, your home, or one of the many spots around Melbourne that I know will provide fantastic images.




Beautiful Wall Art and Books

I believe we should celebrate the happiness that our pets bring to us and capture the journey we share with them.

You will get a buzz each time you walk past a beautiful image of your loved pet looking amazing.

I have two very special doggies in my family. I would love to meet you and your four-legged family.